JB Live Online Classes

Do you....

  • Love the feeling of camaraderie when working out with others?
  • Need the accountability of "showing up" at a certain time?
  • Use Facebook (or happy to create a Facebook account)?

If so, then our live online classes are the ideal option for you! You can pick and mix your favourite classes, or choose out popular "all access" bundle to have access to them all. All classes are run in 2 week blocks, which means that you pay for access to each class for 2 consecutive weeks.

Here's how it works....

Before The Class

  1. Create a Facebook account if you don't already have one and like the JB Fitness & Wellbeing page so we can message you
  2. Purchase the classses you want to attend (or the all access bundle) using the links below
  3. Look out for your invitation to the class group (or groups if you have purchased more than one) and accept asap (day before the class at the latest)
  4. Relax, knowing you have planned you exercise for the next two weeks (the first and most important step

On The Day of the Class

  1. At the class time, click on the relevant group and wait for the live feed to appear. Make sure the correct date is on the live feed (or you may accidentally watch the previous week's class
  2. Say hello via messages on the feed (optional but encouraged to boost team spirit!)
  3. Enjoy your class!
  4. Post your post-workout selfie on the JB Tribe Accountability Facebook Group and let us know how you got on or ask any questions. Not a member? Join here.
  5. Feel energised, accomplished and perhaps even a little smug for the rest of the day!


JB Live All Access Bundle (16 live classes over 2 weeks): £40

The simple way to access all our 8 classes per week for two consecutive weeks. Also the best value option.


Specific Classes


We will be running an additional Mat Pilates class on Friday at 12:15 (45 mins) on September 4th which can also be purchased as a single class pass using the link below:

Friday Lunchtime Mat Pilates (12:15pm/ 45 Mins)

To book a specific class, please use the links below. Note that all classes are purchased for 2 consecutive weeks and the links will show the relevant class dates.

Monday Morning HIIT (7:00am/ 30 Mins)

Tuesday Morning Upper Body Strength (7:00am/ 30 Mins)

Tuesday Evening Lower Body Conditioning (6:00pm/ 30 Mins)

Wednesday Evening Full Body Blast (5:45pm/ 40 Mins)

Wednesday Evening Mat Pilates (6:30pm/ 45 Mins)

Thursday Morning Core Express (7:00am/ 30 Mins)

Friday Evening HIIT (5:45pm/ 30 Mins)

Saturday Morning Upper Body Strength Plus (9am/ 40 Mins)
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