Client Success Story: Ashley Boscott

Personal Training Swindon

In my mid thirties, having had 2 babies and doing a job I disliked which involved a long commute, I struggled to find a healthy work-life balance. A succession of yo-yo and fad diets along with the plethora of nonsense advice from the internet left me confused and unmotivated. I now recognise that I also made a lot of excuses for my poor diet and lack of exercise!

In summer of 2018 I was at home alone with my children (then aged 5 and 2). I was in the garden hanging out the washing and my son shouted for me, I ran into the house, tripped over a step and fell. Being too heavy and lacking strength I couldn’t break my fall and I went down like a sack of spuds, hitting my head on the kitchen floor. Because of my poor mobility, it took me ages to pick myself up off the floor. It was incredibly distressing for Nathan and Isla!

Around this time I had been placed at risk of redundancy from the company I’d been with since I left University. I made the decision to cut and run, it was as easy decision to make having already had a period of absence in late 2017 due to work related stress. This was a turning point for me! I made the decision that 2018 was my year to prioritise my own well-being both physical and mental. My wonderful husband couldn’t have been more supportive.

Previously to this in April 2018 I had completed JB’s Couch to 5k program, I had every intention to continue the running lifestyle, but again I began to put similar barriers in my own way as I’d done before. When I’d recovered from my fall, I joined JB, initially on the 1 month unlimited membership. During that month I did as many classes as I could, I met other members of the JB Tribe, and heard all about their inspirational journeys. By the end of that month I was a fully fledged member and have not looked back.

I was enjoying the classes, but my diet was still poor, and I had a tendency to focus on the aerobic activities, I was comfortable and probably coasting to some extent. I felt I needed some guidance, someone to motivate and hold me accountable. I wanted to learn how to get off the cycle of dieting and how to maintain a healthy weight.

I began PT with Christine in September 2018. Today I’m 2 stone lighter, my posture has improved, I’m fitter, happier and far more confident. Christine has given me the confidence and knowledge, to fuel my body in the right way with a healthy balanced diet, and a better understanding of what I actually need. She’s also encouraged me to go further, push harder, and challenge myself. She’s shown me that by pushing yourself just a little bit more can yield amazing results.

My whole mindset has shifted, I now do a range of classes each week (circuits, HIIT, stretch, upper body strength, core and barre when I can make it). I’ve even signed up for a novice triathlon in June; not something I ever thought I’d be capable of doing! I now enjoy the feeling of aching muscles, and no longer use that as an excuse for not exercise in the days following, it now signifies that I’ve worked hard and pushed myself, and I know getting back out there will alleviate any soreness.

I’m incredibly thankful to Christine, for all the guidance and support, and equipping me to sustain the positive changes I've made. I also want to thank Jules, Shona, Manda and the entire JB tribe for all of their support and encouragement, throughout my PT journey, It’s a cliche, but it really is the beginning of the rest of my life.

Personal Training Swindon
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