Personal Training for Women in Swindon & Royal Wootton Bassett

Highly Experienced Female Personal Trainers

We have been helping women to achieve their fitness goals for over a decade. As women in our forties we understand the challenges of staying fit whilst juggling other responsibilities.

If you're like most of our personal training clients, you probably aren't looking for Instagram selfie body perfection. Maybe you just want to feel more confident, lose a few pounds and have more energy. You've come to the right place. Every hour you spend personal training with us is focussed entirely on your own individualised goals. For one precious hour, you can stop worrying about everybody else. It's all about YOU.

Personal Training Client Success Stories

The best source of inspiration to start a personal training journey is to read the stories of those who have already taken the plunge!

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Why We Are Different

We create a deeper connection with our clients by staying true to the values we share:


Age and size are never barriers to participation. We will always offer modifications to exercises as required.


We naturally exude positivity as we love helping women fulfil their potential. Feel uplifted and empowered.


We guarantee a warm welcome and top quality instruction from our highly experienced training team.


We practice what we preach, and will never compromise our principles to sell supplements or protein shakes.

Is Personal Training Right For Me?

If you are 100% committed to working hard to achieve your goals, with at least one personal training session each week for a minimum of two months, then you can apply for personal training. We only accept clients who are very clear on what they wish to achieve and are committed to long-term lifestyle change. If you are just after a short-term "quick fix" for a special occasion then we are not for you.

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