JB Weight Loss Kickstart Course

How Will The Second Lockdown Effect YOU?

I've been speaking with a lot of women this week and its clear so many are struggling and feeling anxious about this second lockdown. A winter lockdown feels very different doesn't it!

Everyone's routine has been knocked right off kilter and its hard to motivate yourself to exercise and eat better when you have been sat all day at home, you are just not feeling it or your time is spent sorting everyone else out.

You do not have to go it alone through lockdown and please don't wipe this year off, you can get back on track, lose weight and take control of your eating habits. It is so much easer to start and to keep going when you know you have daily support.

What Can I Expect From The Course?

My motivating and empowering four week Online Weight Loss and Exercise Kickstart course starts this Monday and it’s full steam ahead with your goals. You’ll have access to my expertise, motivation and experience for four weeks.

    ✅ One Weekly Live 45 minute Group Zoom Coaching session on Monday evenings at 6.30pm.

    ✅ One Weekly Facebook Live Exercise Coaching Session on Wednesday evenings at 6.30pm.

    ✅ Weekly end of the week Live Zoom check in on Fridays at 5.30pm.

    ✅ Access to Recordings of the Facebook Live Session to catch up.

    ✅ Private Daily Facebook Support Group for endless motivation and JB tips.

    ✅ Access to our on demand JB Video Vault for the duration of the course. We have over 50 recorded exercise classes for you to choose from.

The investment in a happier, healthier you is just £99.

If you already subscribe to the Vault we'll deduct the cost of one months subscription from the course price.

I have trained hundreds of women to lose weight and to completely overhaul their thinking when it comes to building a healthier relationship with food and making exercise a normal part of their every day lives.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Why Should I Choose This Course?

My method is simple. I listen, care, empower and motivate my female clients through every stage of their journeys. I can sincerely tell you my passion to help you gain back control of your weight and eating habits is why I have helped hundreds of women achieve their health, weight loss and fitness goals.

Ready To Get Started?

Great! By the end of this second lockdown, you could be fitter and healthier than you were before the pandemic started.

I have limited spaces available on the course, so book now to secure your place.

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