Client Success Story: Nicki Read

Have you ever resigned yourself to the fact that you will never lose weight or get fitter, and going to a gym is a scary thought?

Well that was me before I joined the JB tribe! I put on a lot of weight during pregnancy and was struggling to lose it, and I wasn’t exercising at all as I was using my weight (and my age!) as an excuse not to. I was never going to stick to a diet, and had seen so many people’s weight fluctuating up and down over the years as they found themselves on a constant diet that was difficult to sustain.

When complaining about this to a friend of mine, she pointed me towards JB Fitness & Wellbeing and the rest is history. I plucked up the courage and started with a couple of classes a week, and very soon caught the JB bug. I was very nervous about walking into a room full of strangers, but everyone there was so welcoming, friendly and supportive and I discovered a bunch of amazing ladies, all of whom had the same goals as me! I noticed a change in my shape, and I started to lose weight. Just as importantly, I gained in my confidence and self esteem as I found myself surrounded by an awesome tribe of women and incredibly motivational trainers. To train with like-minded women in the environment they have created is incredibly motivating and it inspired me to continue my journey, even when I found it tough going. These ladies are now all my friends and together they form an amazing support network, as do all the JB trainers.

Earlier this year I took the decision to start having PT sessions with Jules as I felt I had reached a stage where I needed some nutritional support and advice to run alongside the classes I was doing. Since starting these sessions, my all round fitness levels continue to improve – Jules ensures we target all areas of my fitness, using a combination of PT sessions and classes through the week. For me, the nutritional advice I have received has been amazing - I thought I was doing all the right things to lose weight, but turns out I wasn’t! Jules is incredibly experienced and is able to share her knowledge in such a way that helps you incorporate any necessary changes into your daily lifestyle. Yes, it is quite a change at first but after a couple of weeks it just becomes part of your routine. I am really enjoying my new relationship with food, and it is great not having to deny yourself anything you enjoy eating.

I have now lost two and a half stones since starting my PT sessions and am fitter and stronger than I thought I could ever be!

I am not a fan of the ‘journey’ word, but I cannot think of another way of describing how things have changed since I joined JB. I would advise anyone who wants to lose weight and improve their fitness to join JB – they are the friendliest, most supportive bunch of women I have met. I have lost weight, significantly improved my fitness levels and made new friends - what’s not to love about that!

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