Client Success Story: Julie Valters

Having reached my mid-fifties, I had settled into a comfortable life and was content - or so I thought or tried to convince myself. In fact, I was unfit, overweight and quite honestly feeling miserable at the prospect of living the rest of my life feeling tired, sluggish, unhealthy and wearing baggy clothes! The “ailments, aches & pains” that apparently come with getting older, had sadly become a topic of conversation with friends and family of a similar age......oh poor me, poor us! I knew what I needed to do, but how could I? I had a full time job, busy family life and no energy, drive or the time to change things.

Having had breast cancer 10 years ago, I thought life couldn’t throw anything worse or so devastating at me, until I had another health scare earlier this year and I feared the worst, that the cancer had returned. It really scared me to think, that after already having had such a serious and potentially life threatening condition, I had personally not done much since, to help my body be in the best possible condition to fight and try to prevent this dreadful disease returning. Like many women, throughout my life I had attended various keep fit classes, gyms, diet clubs – none of which lasted very long, as I soon lost the motivation to keep going.

Thankfully, the results showed that cancer had not returned. However, I really beat myself up with my stupidity of not taking the advice to eat healthier, exercise and maintain a respectable weight – the wise words, that we all hear so often. I scanned the internet to find some local help - enter JB Fitness & Wellbeing into my life.

Having first attended their Weight loss Kickstart programme, to get my head in the right zone, I decided to embark on some personal training sessions with Jules. I needed someone to motivate and inspire me, encourage and support me and to push me that little bit further – I was useless at doing this for myself, which is why I have never succeeded before.

Five months on, I am 2 stone lighter and feel fitter, healthier and happier than I have done for a long time. Jules has continually encouraged, supported, and taught me that I CAN do things I never thought possible. Her obvious love, passion and enthusiasm for training and exercise is infectious – even to someone like me, who has never trained or exercised seriously in her life! The thought of attending high intensity training at my age, let alone performing planks, burpees and bear crawls was daunting – but I am proud to say I CAN do all these things and the more I have achieved, the more I want to do – I’m hooked.

My whole mind-set has been changed - I now exercise 5- 6 times a week in a variety of classes (from HIIT, Circuits, to Core, Barre, Pilates & Yoga), eat healthier and really look forward to going to classes – something I never thought I would hear myself say. I have met some lovely, inspiring women along my journey with JB and we are all in it together – striving for the same thing. Everyone is so friendly and encouraging of others, it is a great community and I am so thankful to be part of it.

I will always be grateful to Jules and the other trainers – Shona, Christine & Manda for helping me get to where I am today and setting me up for my onward journey. Their professionalism, coupled with never ending support, encouragement and the personal attention they provide, is the reason I have succeeded this time.

Long may my health & fitness journey continue and the only “aches and pains” I feel, are because I have exercised hard!!

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