Mat Pilates

Swindon Pilates Class


Pilates focuses on what founder Joseph Pilates called the “powerhouse.” Often referred to as the core, this consists of your abdominal, back, buttock and upper leg muscles.

Mat Pilates classes are non-impact, making Pilates appropriate for all ages (we have class members ranging from 25 to 71 years old), fitness levels and sizes.  Pilates is performed in bare feet (or socks) enabling you to feel every movement and to allow flow from your joints. Instruction is “hands on” to correct and guide you in your movement.  Our Pilates instructor Julie Boyle will guide you to ensure you are in control, working within the appropriate layer to achieve the full benefit.  You do not need to bring a mat as these are provided.

What makes our Pilates classes different to others you may have attended is that we introduce each exercise in a progressive series of "layers", so you will never be expected to perform advanced versions of exercises unless and until you are ready for them. Everyone works on the level of difficulty that is appropriate for them as an individual. This makes for a far more beneficial and satisfying experience. Not to mention of course the immensely fun and supportive atmosphere that make all JBPT group classes so unique!

Our Beginners' Pilates classes are every Tuesday evening at 7pm in Lydiard Millicent near West Swindon.  Our Intermediate classes are at the same venue on Mondays at 7:15pm.

If you are still wondering whether Pilates is right for you, please read Julie's blog article on how Pilates can enhance transform your fitness, even for those who are already regular exercisers.

To join our next Swindon Pilates course, click here to find the latest class listing and book online.


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