JBPT are proud to be offering an exercise class that gets you moving outside in the fresh air on a Sunday morning between 09:30 - 10:20am at Lydiard Park. These sessions are a great supplement to your current fitness routine, or can give you the ultimate kick start needed to get you back into shape for summer. 

To join our Parkfit Swindon course, click here to find the latest class listing and book online.

Parkfit is a 50min bodyweight class that gets you outside using only what is around you. The benefits are endless such as fresh air, freeing your mind from daily stresses and moving your body in every direction in a variety of ways that are challenging but fun!

Join us for a motivating and varied workout. Every exercise can be modified to suit you and you choose how hard you work. You do not have to keep up with anyone!

Please note these sessions will go ahead regardless of weather so come prepared with outdoor trainers, waterproofs and gloves.

What is Parkfit?

We shall be moving around the park in a group either walking, jogging or sprinting. Intervals are short and it is purely your choice to work as hard as you like.

Between the walking and running intervals you will be performing simple and effective bodyweight exercises such as squats, lunges, jumps, skips or bench presses etc. The only equipment you may use is a ball for passing, throwing or kicking. The rest is what will be around you, benches, trees, posts, walls etc.

Can anyone participate?

Yes. All that we ask is that you come with the knowledge and mindset that you are coming to exercise and move around, you will get out of breath and sweat a little.

JBPT are highly qualified to modify the exercises to suit your mobility and fitness levels.

Parkfit is a super-efficient outdoor exercise class delivering amazing results physically and mentally. Working in a group is incredibly powerful for encouragement, motivation and a little competition.

If you fancy a change, need fresh air, bored of your current gym classes or you've hit a plateau in your training, this class is perfect for you!

Please note that car parking charges are now in force at Lydiard Park. In recognition of this we have adjusted the price of this class, making it extremely good value for anyone who has already purchased an annual parking permit.

At the end of the program you will see noticeable differences not only in your body shape, but also in strength and energy levels!






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