Beginners Yoga

Swindon Pilates Class

Beginners Yoga

JBPT is delighted to introduce our seven week Yoga class, suitable for complete beginners. Our Beginners' Yoga class runs every Thursday at 12.15pm in the Lydiard Millicent Village Hall near West Swindon. 

To join our next Swindon Yoga course, click here to find the latest class listing and book online.


Yoga classes vary dramatically in nature, with over 20 different styles in common practice. Some are so fast-paced that it can be hard for beginners to keep up and know whether they are doing each pose correctly.  Others include sections of chanting and meditation which can be frustrating for those less interested in the spiritual side.

Our JBPT Yoga classes are a form of Hatha Yoga, the generic term used to describe any form of Yoga which teaches physical postures known as "asanas". The classes are designed with fitness benefits, rather than spirituality, in mind. Improving your overall fitness requires an appropriate balance of more intense workouts with more restorative forms of exercise which focus on improving flexibility and balance.  Even if you are used to more hardcore workouts, Yoga classes may be the key to unlocking further athletic potential, as an increasing number of elite athletes are now realising.

5 Major Benefits of Yoga

  1. Increased flexibility.
  2. Lower risk of injury in other forms of exercise.
  3. An opportunity for "mindfulness" in an increasingly fast-paced world.
  4. Enhanced feelings of calm and release in the body and mind.
  5. Improved performance in other forms of exercise and/or sport due to a greater achievable range of motion.
  6. Reduction in stress - which can affect your physical and mental wellbeing just as much as disease does.
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