After suffering a family bereavement, I found my get up and go had got up and gone. My weight went up, my confidence went down and I felt at a very low ebb.

Armed with an eating plan, two personal sessions a week & a home exercise plan, I spent the next 9 weeks completing various exercises (with no two sessions ever the same), with weekly feedback on my eating habits and constant review and encouragement.

Within two months I felt more like my old self, I had regained my enjoyment of exercise and was capable of far more than I had been previously - AND was a whole dress size smaller to boot!

Yes, some of it was difficult, but boy, was it worth it. So do yourself a favour, send that email, make that phone call or send that text and start your own road to recovery.

Thank you Jules and Shona!
Posted By: Aline Coutts

When I started Personal Training with Shona, I had previously had small involvement with various sports all my life but had never run and was generally an unfit, unhealthy, over weight, couch potato. After a month of personal training with Shona, I was brave enough to admit that I had finally been accepted in the ballot for the Virgin London Marathon. Shona was encouraging, enthusiastic and motivational about the challenge (whilst I thought others may and did laugh at the prospect). Through the 7 months of training, she was keen to share her wisdom, help with training plans and nutrition, even being my ‘pack horse’ on occasion and carry supplies for long run training.

Things I learnt :
- I can achieve more than I thought.
- I can feel better, energised and fitter than I thought
- Regular exercise made me generally more productive and confident.

This was my first Marathon and completing it was an unbelievable sense of accomplishment – I can’t thank Shona enough for her part in helping me achieve something I thought totally impossible for me. Now on to the next challenge…..
Posted By: Kim Vincent
I've been overweight, unfit and unhappy with no confidence for many years. I have tried every diet around but nothing worked for me. his was make or break and I have never looked back, as it was pot luck who I picked and I feel very lucky to have picked Jules. Jules has helped me change my eating habits and I have become a much happier and confident person. Personal Training with Jules has been worth every penny.
Posted By: Clare Chard
I met up with Jules 3 months ago after realising that I had to do something about my weight and health. Although I had been relatively fit and healthy most of my life, my age, lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits had finally caught up with me and I felt uncomfortable and self-conscious about how I looked. I knew I had to do something, but what? Luckily I found Jules who got me through some tough training sessions and guided me with eating and training plans. I can't say it's been easy but it has been an enjoyable experience resulting in the loss of nearly 2 stone in 12 weeks and given me a totally new outlook on life. I now go to the gym regularly and feel so much happier with the way I look and feel. Thanks to Jules for the motivation and knowledge to improve my health and fitness, loved every minute of it.
Posted By: Dawn Chivers

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