When I made my New Years' resolutions at the start of 2014 they were the same as the previous 30 years - lose weight and get fit. As normal the good intentions lasted until about 5 January! However in May I moved house and my sister suggested I find a personal trainer instead of paying to join yet another gym. It was the best decision that I had made. At the start of 2015 I am nearly 4 stone lighter and feel fabulous.

My first session with Julie included a good chat, she told me she would be tough, it would need total commitment from me and she was not the sort of personal trainer who could be manipulated - as it turns out all these statements are true! My homework was to go for a 30 minute walk every day and keep a food diary. The first surprise was I really enjoyed the walking - and was soon getting up at 5.30am to fit a walk in before work, the second surprise was the food diary - Julie pointed out I was eating too much 'diet' food and not enough proper food. This came as something of a shock and made me rethink my diet and rediscover the art of cookery.

I have a job (and lifestyle) that involves much socialising and eating out - in fact my claim to fame is that Julie has never trained someone who eats out as much as I do - so as I am not prepared to change this I have had to adapt.

I love working out in the fresh air (unless it is raining) Lunges are hard Measuring fitness in terms of distance, speed and strength is VERY motivating. The group classes are great fun as well as inspiring I love boxing at 6am on a Friday morning, I am in a good mood all day - if a little smug.

I still have a long way to go on my weight loss and fitness journey - but starting my New Year resolution list for 2015 as 'keep going' rather than 'get started' is an incredible feeling. Thank you Jules for all your support and encouragement.
Posted By: Sarah Garrett
I recently took a long weekend break down to the south coast and was given a harsh reality check on the state of my health, fitness and size. I’d been doing long walks and the odd class here and there and had this illusion of myself as a much fitter person than I actually was! A simple bike ride with the husband really hit home to me that I was kidding myself. I tried to “diet” and do more exercise but I was lacking direction and the foods I ate were completely wrong.

I then contacted Jules and my journey began. I have always been a fussy eater, never trying new foods or eating any fruit at all. Jules has helped me understand food and I’ve remembered why we eat, not just for enjoyment but to make our bodies work! My attitude has changed towards what I eat, I’m trying (and enjoying!) new foods that provide the nutrition I need.

Our P.T. sessions are great, it never gets any easier as the bar is continually moving upwards, and to the side, and all over really, it never stays the same. The gym sessions are great too, no more plodding on the treadmill or the bike and lifting weights, doing the same thing over and over again.

I’ve managed to lose 3st 7lbs in 5 months and I feel so empowered that I’ve achieved this, Jules has given me the tools, knowledge, and guidance to get me there and take me beyond!
Posted By: Sarah Holmes
My weight had crept up to more than 20 stone over the last few years. I knew I needed to do something about it but the larger I got the less confidence and willingness I had to bring my weight back under control.

I couldn’t face going to a gym or exercising in public so I searched for a Personal Trainer that would work with me in the security of my home, that’s when I was lucky enough to find JBPT

JBPT has changed my life in so many ways; I have lost a total of five stones with two to go. My PT sessions have been tough but worth every moment, JBPT have supported and encouraged me through my whole journey and helped me achieve things I never thought possible. It’s not just about exercise but expert nutritional and fitness advice educating me to make the right choices for a long term lifestyle change.

My confidence has been given a massive boost and I am now exercising regularly at many of the fantastic classes where I have met some wonderful and inspiring people. Everyone is so welcoming, friendly and supportive, a real team spirit atmosphere and without them all I would not be where I am today.

With JBPT I have learnt, there is no such thing as I can’t!
Posted By: Amanda Kemp
Waking up one morning realising I had hit my mid 40’s, not only had I become unfit but overweight as well. It turns out with each decade I had increased a clothes size and was heading towards size 16 - so needed to do something!

A friend recommended JB Personal Training, as she had had a personal experience with them – I made the call and met with Jules and have been working with her over the past 5 months. Jules explained the need for not only exercise but nutrition, which was something I had neither been interested in nor understood. During this time I have lost 1st 10lbs and more importantly feel much healthier and I’m now in a size 10!

I can’t recommend Jules more highly, you have nothing to lose, well apart from your weight that is.
Posted By: Manda Cunningham
Having previously been an active individual who took part in lots of sport I found that I had lost my way over the last couple of years resulting in becoming less active and weight gain. Through my time with Jules she has educated me about nutrition and exercise in a way that is achievable and enjoyable. Every session was different and challenging with Jules pushing me to show me what I was actually capable of achieving. I now feel the best I have in years and found my love for exercise again and will continue to use the knowledge and drive given by Jules to keep achieving my future goals. Thank you Jules.
Posted By: Steph Watts
I was a complete couch potato doing very little to no exercise and every year putting on more weight. Working with Jules on both my exercise and nutrition has been inspirational. The PT sessions have been challenging but always light-hearted and fun, with every session different. The nutritional advice has been both practical and do- able. I have lost a massive 4st in weight, gone down from a size 20 to a size 12.
Posted By: Barbara Kirkup
Shona is an immensely experienced personal trainer. Although I have always taken a fair amount of exercise throughout my life I learn something new each time I see Shona and she has opened my eyes as to how the human body actually works. When I exercise on my own I can hear her voice nudging me into doing the right actions! (I wish that I had met her years before as my exercise would then have been much more structured). Best of all though she has an excellent sense of humour.
Posted By: Jeremy Holt
I have always been an active person but for the last 6 years I have suffered with increasing back pain. Earlier this year I had surgery on my back and planned to have personal training sessions to help with my recovery. Following the surgery my movement was very restricted so of course, my fitness level plummeted and I gained a few pounds, but once I felt able and had the go ahead from my physio, I started my sessions with Jules. During the 9 weeks (one session per week), I lost the pounds I had gained (and more!) and my movement and strength increased amazingly. Every session had a new challenge and although I was nervous about trying new exercises, Jules gave me the encouragement and motivation I needed to keep going - not only while I was with her but on the days in between too. I not only looked forward to each session but came away on a real high, knowing that I had improved each week. I miss my weekly sessions but have kept up with my exercise routine and eating plan and I feel great! Thank you Jules.
Posted By: Christine Linton
I never thought of myself as a ‘runner’, but completing the London Marathon had always been one of my dreams. Finding out I had a place in the 2014 race was so exciting, but also incredibly daunting. The only running I had done in the past was the odd 5k and 10k charity event. I had also stopped exercising for a while, so my fitness levels at the start of the year were not too great! That’s why I decided to contact JB Personal Training.

I was very nervous and slightly self-conscious meeting Shona for the first time, but as soon as I started speaking to her, I was put at ease. Straight away she gave me the confidence to believe that completing the London Marathon was achievable. After my first run with Shona, she noticed some bad running habits I had, which really helped my running to improve. The whole three/four months of training with Shona helped me to correct and improve things that I was struggling with. I could ask her anything and she would advise me appropriately.

Shona helped me with everything leading up to the London Marathon – from nutrition to footwear. She gave me the confidence to get out there and run again! I am very grateful for her constant support and friendship. She is a true professional with a wealth of knowledge.
Posted By: Kathy Carter
Unable to run due to a stress fracture that wouldn’t heal I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of exercise I was able to undertake. Whilst not hugely overweight, I had never really lost that last 10lbs gained from two pregnancies; I was keen to really make a permanent difference to my shape. With a husband, two sons and a full time career, my free time was limited. Searching online I found JBPT.

Shona came to me twice a week and designed a bodyweight plan for when I was at the gym with my son for his swimming club. She brought variety and challenge to every PT session, and managed to create a plan that catered for my stress fracture. As I regularly said to Shona - they were the quickest hours of my week.

Shona introduced me to the importance of nutrition. Reluctantly I wrote down everything I ate – which was interesting to say the least. When you have to write down and admit to everything you ate in the last week you soon stop and think about what you are putting in your mouth. I mean who is going to admit to eating a Snickers bar at 4pm everyday!

In 15 weeks I lost 12lbs, and 10 inches from hips, waist, belly, chest and thighs. Whilst that might not sound like much, having failed to lose that last 10lbs for about 6 years, despite running 2-3 times a week, this was a huge achievement. I dropped 2 dress sizes because my whole physique was just more toned. And this with just 3 hours focused exercise a week.

Having achieved my goal, I now maintain regular exercise with 2 JBPT fitness classes a week. Following the simple nutrition guidance I have managed to keep the weight off (and lose a few more pounds).

What have I learnt?
• There’s a lot to be said for salad, almonds, water and decaf coffee.
• Ginger "oatcakes" aren’t really oatcakes they are biscuits.
• Weight loss is only sustainable when combined with healthy nutrition.
• A stress fracture in your foot doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising
• "Squat thrusts to squat jump turns" are burpees: I don’t care what you say!
• As they say in my sons’ school – "if you try, try, try you can, can, can!"
Posted By: Sarah Newman

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