Wiltshire (Melksham) 10 Miler Review

Wiltshire (Melksham) 10 Miler Review

Guest Blog Post by Emma Wirdham

Having never taken part in this event (or any other 10 mile race) I didn’t know what to expect... the course was described online as ‘undulating’, which according to a running forum is code for mountainous / hilly, which was a bit terrifying after having already decided to register!

I needn’t have been scared though - the course was pretty steady (with the exception of a challenging incline between miles 6 and 7) through lovely rural surroundings. The course was an ‘out and back’ style route, which I liked, as the second half felt familiar and I also saw the faster runners heading back. Markers were placed at each mile, which I found helpful when trying to keep a consistent pace and there was also a water station on the way out (and therefore back!).

I personally found the last 2 miles the most challenging because I hadn’t run for that long (time or distance) previously, however I will look forward to participating again next year as the event was well organised, with a friendly atmosphere from beginning to end.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to increase their distance, or build it into their future half marathon training.  For me, I jumped from 10k straight to 10 miles and ached a lot the following day, so I would suggest thinking about this event enough in advance to build up to it gradually.

All in all, a great experience and a really enjoyable first Run JB event for me to be a part of!


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