5 Ways to Beat the Bloat this Christmas


The Christmas party season is fast approaching and we all naturally want to look great at this time of year.  Reducing bloating can make a huge difference to how you look - and more importantly feel - on a night out.  The good news is that we can significantly reduce abdominal distension with some simple measures which will also contribute to reducing bodyfat percentage. So you don't have to rely on body shaping underwear!

1) Reduce your salt intake

Excess salt consumption will force the body to retain more water to regulate sodium levels, leading to a distended abdomen. Adults should eat no more than 2.4g of sodium per day, which is equal to 6g of salt. However, packaged and processed foods commonly contain such high amounts of salt that 75% of the average salt intake is from everyday foods such as bread, breakfast cereal and ready meals. Reducing processed foods will therefore make a huge difference to how bloated you feel.

2) Drink more water

It may seem counter-intuitive, but increasing your water intake can actually help to reduce bloating, as dehydration causes the kidneys to signal to the rest of the body to retain water.

3) Eat More Slowly

This will reduce the amount of air you swallow, reducing bloating. It also gives the signals from the gut which indicate fullness longer to reach the brain - so you will be less likely to overeat!

4) Exercise More

Regular exercise stimulates peristalsis, the muscular movement of the gut which moves food along the digestive tract.  It will definitely get your bowels moving!

5) Eat Less Bread

Even if you are not gluten intolerant, bread can be a major cause of bloating. It delivers a triple whammy of high carbohydrate content causing water retention, yeast releasing gas in the gut and (in the case of processed sliced bread) surprisingly high salt content. Cut it out for a few days and feel the difference! Read more in our blog article Bread: Less is More

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