Break Free from Your Fears and Move Forward


How are you going to remove the barriers and the fears?

When I talk to the women that I train they all have the same fears. The same barriers holding them back.

What if I'm too big? Will I be able to keep up? What about just turning up on my own? It's a big deal!

BUT These barriers are holding you back. How long are you going to wait before you make changes? How much is your weight going to increase? How unhealthy are you going to become?

I'm not saying it's easy but I see the changes in the women that we train and how their confidence grows. Some of these women hadn't exercised since school! They told themselves they didn't like P.E. classes and didn't fit into a team. You may be in your 40s or 50s - this was over 30 years ago! You have to move on and let go.

Starting tomorrow, what are you going to do differently?

When you do and your confidence, self-esteem and fitness grows, you are going to feel amazing.

So don't just sit and say "I can't", "What if?". Have the courage to take action and ask for help.

Sign up for a class. We help women every single day. We have an amazing support network of women with the same hopes and fears.

Otherwise, you'll look back in a month or a year's time in exactly the same place.

Small change, small steps. Start tomorrow.



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