7 Reasons I Love Parkrun


1) Everyone is welcome.

You can run with your children, push toddlers in their buggies, even run with your dog if you want to. It is a very inclusive event.

2) Being surrounded by nature.

The great outdoors is one of life’s simple pleasures.  No traffic, no worries.

3) Getting a run in first thing on Saturday morning makes you feel virtuous and sets you up for the rest of the weekend.

The weekend goes so quickly, so why waste a chunk of it in bed?

4) There’s zero hassle.

Register once, then just turn up with your barcode whenever you want.

5) You can excel whatever your age.

The Parkrun age grading system is a real motivator for improvement. For example, Run JB’s oldest runner (in her 60s) is second highest in our age grading rankings!

6) It’s everywhere.

Away visiting friends or relatives for the weekend?  No problem – just look up their local event.  With 153 locations all over the UK, chances are it won’t be far away.

7) It’s a great social event.

You meet loads of like-minded people and can stick around for a good natter over coffee after the run. Remember, you were Born to Run! Inspired to join in? Register online at the ParkRun website and reinvent your Saturday mornings! For a fascinating behind the scenes account of how parkrun grew from its humble beginnings to become such a phenomenal success, check out Debra Bourne's book: parkrun: much more than just a run in the park  

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