Run JB Club Membership

Join Run JB's friendly and supportive womens running community!

The mission of the club is to give structure, support and guidance to women of all abilities to continue to develop their running. The fact that we are women only sets Run JB apart from other clubs in the area. Our training sessions are fun and non-intimidating, designed for anyone who can run continuously for 5K (roughly three miles) or more.

We meet every Wednesday evening at 6:15pm. Our summer home (April to September) is the scenic Lydiard Park, nestled between Lydiard Millicent and West Swindon. In the winter (October to March) we move to Shaw Ridge Linear Park, meeting in the Shaw Ridge Leisure Park.

What should I expect at a typical club training session?

Run JB training sessions typically alternate between continuous steady runs and speed development sessions (i.e. if this Wednesday is a continuous run, then next Wednesday will be an interval session). 

On the continuous (steady pace) run sessions, you will be able to choose from different pace groups running the same "there and back" route over 50 mins. The faster pace group simply covers a further distance during the session. We cater for members with average paces of 14 mins per mile all the way up to 9 mins per mile. So whatever your pace within this broad range, you will have plenty of company!

Our club training also gives members the opportunity to try speed development sessions (fartlek, tempo and hill interval sessions) which are key to fulfilling your potential as a runner.  These are all structured in closed loops of around half a mile. This enables everyone to works at their own level without anybody having to worry about getting left behind (the faster runners simply complete more laps in the allocated time).

Run JB therefore offers a safe and social environment to run with the fantastic JBPT community under the guidance of our experienced running leaders, Christine and Manda and Club Founder, Shona Watt.  An added benefit of membership is the regular opportunities to pick Shona's brains on all running matters from injury prevention to nutrition. As a vastly experienced Personal Trainer, Running Coach, Ultramarathoner and Ironwoman, Shona's advice is authoritative and highly valuable!

Your membership covers 51 sessions per year, with the only break week for Christmas. Members are also welcome to bring a friend along for a single session before making the decision to join the club.

Note that a minimum commitment period of 12 months applies to Run JB Memberships. Once payment has been received your club registration will be confirmed. All payments are non refundable. We regret that no refunds or transfers onto other classes can be made in the event that you are unable to attend sessions.


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